Make more use of Pandas.

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Pandas is arguably the most popular data analysis and manipulation library in the data science ecosystem. First and foremost, it is easy to learn and offers an intuitive syntax.

With that being said, we will focus on a different great feature of Pandas: Flexibility.

The capabilities of Pandas functions can…

Do not pass the point where a necessity becomes a burden.

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The goal of data science is simply to create value out of data. The main components to achieve this goal are:

  • A problem to be solved with data
  • Data (obviously)
  • Ability to explore and understand the data
  • Tools

What I mean by the tools is the entire set of software…

Warnings should never be ignored.

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If you have ever done data analysis or manipulation with Pandas, it is highly likely that you encounter the SettingWithCopy warning at least once.

This warning occurs when we try to do an assignment using chained indexing because chained indexing has inherently unpredictable results.

Here is what chained indexing looks…

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